Few search organization have the knowledge and experience with healthcare technology that HealthTrust Advisors has.  Our expertise provides us the knowledge to understand your needs in this critical area and recruit the high value healthcare IT professionals you company needs.   Every day technology is changing. We stay abreast of the technology changes in healthcare so that we understand your staffing needs.

Healthcare organizations’ informatics workflows, clinical workflows and evolving EHR systems, are becoming a priority in all facilities. HealthTrust Advisor’s focus on fulfilling healthcare technology human talent needs has positioned us as an industry expert.

HealthTrust Advisors combines 25 years of healthcare industry experience with five decades of staffing and fulfillment successes.

You need a partner that knows healthcare technology in order to fulfill your needs quickly and efficiently. Partner with HealthTrust Advisors today where we understand your needs and wants and will work tirelessly with you to achieve your goals and fulfill your needs.