Nurses are a crucial part to the success of any healthcare facility. The biggest challenge faced by any facility is hiring and retaining top nursing talent. Fortunately, HealthTrust Advisors has developed a network of top tier nurses that are able to fulfill any of your nursing needs. From temp, per diem, agency, travel, permanent placement and nursing leadership positions, we are focused on providing our clients with a candidate pool of capabilities and disciplines in all specialties of medicine.

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You can’t run a successful healthcare facility without supplying the best physicians you can find. Understanding the needs of these physicians is something that takes time and expertise to achieve. Our collaborative of knowledge and expertise is scarce with most staffing firms just realizing the need for a focus on healthcare in the last decade. Our team is in the unique position of truly understanding your needs and goals with physician placement. Partner with the proven success.

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​Health Trust Advisors is a leading provider of temporary, temp-to-hire, and permanent placement for talented, high quality Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants & Dental Office Specialists in Virginia

We draw on complete knowledge of the dental industry to match the right dental professional to the right dental practice. We understand the specific skills needed in the dental field. We are committed to staffing experienced, friendly dental professionals who are fully trained and licensed to care for your valued patients.

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We all know, technology is ever-changing and seeing continuous advancement. IT in healthcare is no different. Our team has a refined knowledge of your informatics workflows, clinical workflows and general IT workflows. The need to quickly access information for your healthcare professionals and your patients enables efficient and quality care. Today’s systems must characterize, evaluate and refine your clinical procedures. Development, implementation and clinical decision support systems are vital to effective execution.

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One of the most difficult fulfillment needs is to place executive and leadership positions. These positions require extensive understanding of the healthcare industry, best practices for what the job will encounter and a sense of management skills that are receptive to the current employee base. A cultural fit must be evident, otherwise, turnover ensues. Our knowledge and expertise in the healthcare industry has positioned HealthTrust Advisors to successfully pair C-suite executives and other leadership positions with organizations where the best fit is possible.

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Contract Staffing Solutions – Contact staffing, in particular per diem and PRN staffing, has taken the healthcare industry by storm. Fortunately, HealthTrust Advisors was, in fact, early to the party and as a result has had contract staffing processes and solutions in place for over 20 years.

Applicant Development – HealthTrust Advisors understands the challenge healthcare staffing presents. Although you may not be hiring, candidate and applicant development is an everyday activity. We partner with you to develop a candidate experience that provides a competitive advantage to win the war for talent.


Allied and clinical healthcare is a growing industry. As a result, finding and securing qualified specialists in these fields is becoming ever so important. With the need for quality healthcare provided in the home, instead of in a healthcare facility, the expertise of these individuals is at the brink of exponential advancement. We at HealthTrust Advisors understand this shift in the marketplace for this sort of placement and fulfillment needs, recognizing what it takes to succeed.

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Serious medical team using a laptop in a bright office

Before the need for dedicated professional healthcare recruiters, there was a full service staffing firm that started with one simple truth: people matter.

Recruiting is about so much more than just filling a position. It’s about finding the one person that can add something new and exciting to the role. It’s about finding the person that was born to do that job.

That’s where we come in.

Nearly 50 years ago, The Richmond Group USA (TRG) was founded with that belief in mind. We know that recruiting is the business of making connections through getting to know both our clients and their potential candidates. What sets us apart is that we realize that these connections are not just fleeting moments, but opportunities for long-term, meaningful interactions. By focusing on both the client’s individualized needs and on the needs of job seekers on a personal level, TRG separated itself from its peers and quickly became one of the Top 10 search firms in the Nation.

Over the last several decades we have seen the healthcare industry boom and the need for specialty placement services increase dramatically.

HealthTrust Advisors combines roughly 50 years of staffing expertise with more than 25 years of healthcare industry proficiency. We have strategically hand-picked our staff of specialists who understand the healthcare industry from top to bottom. When it all comes down to continuity and quality of care, we understand the processes along the way.

Whether you are faced with gaps in clinic workflows, dragging IT integration, executive issues or inconsistent patient outcomes – we get it. We understand what you need and how to get it done, effectively and efficiently.

At HealthTrust Advisors, we are dedicated to create a fulfilling healthcare placement experience, one person at a time.



Working within the healthcare industry for over 25 years, the knowledge of our team is unmatched. We understand what your needs are and what it takes to succeed.


As a member of the TRG Family of companies, we have combined five decades of staffing experience with the extensive knowledge of our healthcare professionals.


The knowledge and experience we bestow with not only the healthcare industry, but also the world of full service staffing, we boast one of the most reliable healthcare staffing solutions.


Our experience and knowledge of our team have positioned them to continuously develop creative solutions for our clients that others may not have known ever existed.


It is our goal at HealthTrust Advisors to service you in a fiduciary manner. At times that includes confidentiality. Confidentiality for candidates searching for a new role, as well as clients trying to fulfill a role. We understand why this may be important to you and assure you that a confidential approach will be a priority of ours should you desire it.

It will be our goal to showcase your organization in a manner that exemplifies the opportunity and advantages you bring to the table. Your identity will not be released until it is agreed upon to do so, generally at the time of interview scheduling.

HealthTrust Advisors takes this confidentiality notion very seriously. In an industry that strives for doctor-patient confidentiality, we have no intentions of jeopardizing the same notion with our clients and our candidates along the way.


It is our pledge to you that you will receive best-in-class healthcare placement performance and a fiduciary relationship that exemplifies the very nature of our affiliation. Our goals are your goals and we are here to partner with you to achieve fulfilling results.